Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Taste of the Future

Hey guys! Ive been braining up a storm with ideas for my new sterling silver line. Here's a preview!

Let me know what you think. :) Over and out.

Monday, October 20, 2008

New feather headbands!

Comin' at cha! @ TheSocialCellar.etsy.com!

Take me to the mountains

Through crooked teeth and mouthed up ties
They spit you up river just like all those lions
That walked the banks
They said, "Paint me that river
And would you use only blues
With a brilliant big black mouth and?
Lengths of pines that route the river through
Through and through"
Fashion ballrooms of the leaves
We’d like to watch the ghosts dance
They said, "Paint me that arm
That lies directly over mountains
Where the glaciers climb so tall.
One absent of the scars passing boats and ships and oars
Tend to leave with all the sounds of the ocean."
I am but a man
But a proud, proud man
Silver bells that line the way
Through baited trails.
We’ll find you there

-Portugal.The Man


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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not for use on ghouls, goblins, or vampires

Im an actress! Hahha an awful one.
I volunteered for my friend Stephanie's commercial she had to do for her film class at UT. Check it out...fast forward to 7:30 first though its messed up.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ive been thinking about you...

...and what you've been up to...

Hello everyone out there in blog land. I have been severely neglecting this blog since I moved into my new apartment. Which is really neat by the way. Ive never lived on my own before. Well, I guess I still haven't. I live with my Alex and our kitty Nathan Edward Explosion. All is good so far. Besides the stray that hangs around and makes Nathan angry with me because I wont let him have any fun.

In other news, since we don't have cable (and only one basic channel that come in clear) Ive been creating up a storm. Ive made many new hair accessories. Which have just about sold out already. And a few new jewelry pieces. I'm really excited to list the new stuff! I just need time to take pictures and a model that is available when I am. I would really like to get everything listed before fall is almost over. Here's a peak!

That's this weeks preview. Next week I WILL (promise) have another sneak peak.

So Ive been sort of frustrated lately with the treasury....I had one i really did! and then in a split second it slipped through my hands! It was heart breaking. I'm bound and determined to get one now, but every time i know there will be one opening up the list goes from 333 to 765! Whats that all about??!? Anyways, Ill get one and it will be the most lovely thing you ever did see.

So I guess this is it. Alex is home and he wants dinner. Over and out best friend 2.