Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My little orphan tentacles

I just got my tentacles in today! They look so good with all my other randoms. I added a cute lavender bow to match the dried lavender in the fish vase and to cover up the sealant. Another amazing oddity from Marytofts!

Monday, April 27, 2009


My Mai earrings were featured on Etsy's front page on Saturday! They were handpicked by the lovely Billiebrand.

Also, Ive added a few new items since we last spoke. My featured item being the C.Barton Civil War Bullet Pendant. I made one for a friend as a Christmas gift and decided to make another because it turned out so well.

I will also be adding these vintage cuties later this week.

So check them out @ TheSocialCellar

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little Otik

I just got done watching Little Otik with some friends, we picked it out because the preview looked intense. It ended up being pretty awesome and visually appealing. One of my favorite parts was in the beginning where babies were being swept up in nets like fish and sold in a market. The wood baby looks a lot a mandrake doll, like these ones Ive been wanting since I joined Etsy. "Little Otik is based on a Czech fairy tale about a childless couple who adopt a tree stump that looks like a baby. As usual with fairy tales, any deviation from normal behavior triggers disaster — in this case the stump comes to life, grows huge, and starts murdering and eating everybody and everything in its path. Svankmajer, who’s credited with story, screenplay, and direction, uses this narrative as a springboard for a genre-busting masterpiece about the perils of parenthood and what can happen to those who don’t leave well enough alone with the status quo nature has determined."
Its well worth a watch, if you like weird movies.
Next on my movie list is the 1988 Alice and Vertigo.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I just found out my Ingrid necklace is in the Etsy voting polls for Mothers day Jewelry! Although they have already been sold,PLEASE vote for me! It would really mean a lot.

While your at it, stop by my shop. I just added some new hair accessories, and a very special pendant.

Friday, April 17, 2009

What a day!

Workin, workin, workin hard! There's so much stuff id like to list, but so little time to do it. The weekends coming up though! So be on the watch for new items!
In other news, today I was featured on the front page twice! :D
First was in the lovely MoonoverMaize

The second was handpicked by Etsy. I feel incredibly lucky to be chosen and featured with other great Etsians!

Also, Id like to take some time and feature a new shop that I found. Well, it found me actually. I love her items! Once my hair gets a little longer I'll defiantly be hitting her shop up! One of my favorites is this headband:

Its one I personally think should would have been a great addition in the etsy blog about Hippie Handmade Weddings.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

We've been working pretty hard on some new items to add to our shop. Including,
new shirt designs and FOLK ART!! Yayyyy! Here's a lil' preview.

Ghost Boy from Leah Garand on Vimeo.
Hang in there, we're hoping to be adding them within a few weeks.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gift Guides!!

My Herkimer Diamond Pendant was snatched up today! Some lucky gal is going to love it.
But before it was, it made front page. Hooray!

In other amazing news: WE"RE IN ETSYS GIFT GUIDES! Woooo!
Yep, were hittin' the big time in the "Jewelry for Mothers" category! So get your mother something really nice for mothers day. Nothing says "I love you mom" like hand made jewelry!
See it here