Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little Otik

I just got done watching Little Otik with some friends, we picked it out because the preview looked intense. It ended up being pretty awesome and visually appealing. One of my favorite parts was in the beginning where babies were being swept up in nets like fish and sold in a market. The wood baby looks a lot a mandrake doll, like these ones Ive been wanting since I joined Etsy. "Little Otik is based on a Czech fairy tale about a childless couple who adopt a tree stump that looks like a baby. As usual with fairy tales, any deviation from normal behavior triggers disaster — in this case the stump comes to life, grows huge, and starts murdering and eating everybody and everything in its path. Svankmajer, who’s credited with story, screenplay, and direction, uses this narrative as a springboard for a genre-busting masterpiece about the perils of parenthood and what can happen to those who don’t leave well enough alone with the status quo nature has determined."
Its well worth a watch, if you like weird movies.
Next on my movie list is the 1988 Alice and Vertigo.

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andrea the pomegranates said...

very interesting folk tale! i love the photo though, awesome....