Friday, April 17, 2009

What a day!

Workin, workin, workin hard! There's so much stuff id like to list, but so little time to do it. The weekends coming up though! So be on the watch for new items!
In other news, today I was featured on the front page twice! :D
First was in the lovely MoonoverMaize

The second was handpicked by Etsy. I feel incredibly lucky to be chosen and featured with other great Etsians!

Also, Id like to take some time and feature a new shop that I found. Well, it found me actually. I love her items! Once my hair gets a little longer I'll defiantly be hitting her shop up! One of my favorites is this headband:

Its one I personally think should would have been a great addition in the etsy blog about Hippie Handmade Weddings.


mary jane said...

i LOVE that seller too! she emailed me also, thats how i found YOU , through her favorites! i was in that handmade hippie wedding gallery (daisy headband)
your shop rocks! i am HOT for that that arrowhead ring!
mary jane

The Social Cellar said...

That's so great! Ive been eying you on Etsy for a long time, your accessories are so great and I've always wanted those leather feather earrings! I just got your message and I'll see what I can do with the ring I have a few arrowheads in my possession that need to be jewelry-fied.