Sunday, May 17, 2009

Out of this world

I started out my day trying to find a silky, satin vintage style skirt. But ended up with some great old childrens books from the 70s with amazing stories and pictures. I think ill frame my favorites later this week. It rained the rest of the day so I stayed in and made a couple pendants. My theme for the day was pyrite. Fools gold. ;)
After speaking with Maryjane about a brass colored Nita ring, it got me thinking about gold-toned natural stones. The hunt began. I found two really great specimens. The first, a calcopyrite stone. Which has brassy yellow tones, with slight iridescent purplish tarnish. And the second, my most treasured, a pyrite stalagmite. Which is a drip looking tube that rises up from cave floors, which in this case, had pyrite deposits around it. I set them both in sterling silver, oxidized and brushed them with steel wool. I think they turned out awesome. I think Zoe is especially fun, it looks like it would be perfect for a futuristic dance party.
Here's a few pictures of the pendant making process. Sorry for the dark pictures, we've been getting some much needed rain here in FL.

I'm glad I finally got around to making some more jewelry items. My tiny apartment flooded last week and I had to move everything out in one day. :( boo. But now I have a bigger, nicer one. A blessing in disguise I suppose.

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