Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ive been making a few new banners lately and need some help deciding with one looks best with my shop. Any feed back would be amazing. Thanks for the help yall! :)

*** Update ***
Here are two more options. :)


mary jane said...

ooooh! very pretty!
i really like the 2nd and 3rd ones. i'd say the 2nd one is very cool and suits your shop as is. i think i prefer the 3rd one more for its background image but not the font as much... (sorry to be so anal!)

they are all gorgeous and the one you have up now is great too! just my 2 cents... ignore if you don't agree!

mary jane

The Social Cellar said...

Thanks so much Mary Jane! I need as much input as possible :) I agree with you on the 2nd one. Its not too dark?

The Social Cellar said...

I just added two more.
The 3rd one with the same font as the first three.
The 2nd one just a little toned down, not as dark and bright.

Anonymous said...

I like the third one from the top! They all look fantastic, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really love the first one !
And the 5th one ... But the 1st one is the dreamiest !
x x x