Saturday, January 8, 2011

Accomplish something everyday

So I woke up this morning and read this article on I was so inspired I knew I needed to get it. I have problems sitting down to create something without getting distracted. I thought maybe the book would help me get excited about a project. So I took a shower and quickly headed out to buy it. After reading and going over the book, I realized its not that my life is lacking creativity, but accomplishment. Im not gonna lie, I've started more projects that I havnt finished than you can imagine. I get it from my mother, who is a craft-a-holic and goes from craft to craft; never finishing the previous before starting a new. Its a bad habit. I feel if I feel more accomplished I will have an overall better well being. I will be able to create without feeling like I should probably be doing something else more important. So starting tomorrow, 1.9.11, I will accomplish something everyday for 365 days. Be it unfinished craft project, an unfinished task around the house, something ive been meaning to get done, an idea, a place to visit, person to see; this year I believe I will set out to do great things. That being said, I also hope to keep a promise to myself that I will document my work and keep a camera on hand at all times. So here is a toast to new beginnings and finally getting *ish done. ;)

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