Sunday, January 23, 2011

Must haves: Butler's Pantry

Traditionally, a butler's pantry was used for storage, cleaning and counting of silver; European butlers often slept in the pantry, as their job was to keep the silver under lock and key. The wine log and merchant's account books may also have been kept in there. The room would be used by the butler and other domestic staff; it is often called a butler's pantry even in households where there is no butler.

How come you don't often find butler pantries in modern homes? When/ if I ever purchase a home it will have to have a butlers pantry or room to renovate and add one. I think they make the kitchen seem cleaner. And Id probably add the fridge an food pantry to it.


Dianne said...

I totally agree. Growing up in New Zealand our kitchens always had a whole other pantry area which is totally lacking in London [due to obvious space restrictions I guess] but they make the kitchen feel cleaner, food in basically kept in an entire space of its own.

How I miss living in a house with actual room to move about in.

Daniel said...

This room is definitely making a comeback. I personally recommend the homeowner utilize the space to fit their needs. If you’re an art lover, create an extra display cabinet. If you’re a gourmet chef, design a staging area or buffet for all of your prepared dishes.

Great post!