Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Accomplish something first

It was tough figuring out something to accomplish in so little time. I'm starting to remember why I never got anything done in the first place. But I suppose that if everyone else with a 9-5 can get things done, so can I. Today I realized how few photos of cars holding hands there are on the internet. Actually, there aren't any! How the heck has the world continued without anything on the internet of cars holding hands? So, here it is folks. I apologize of today's accomplishment seems meaningless. Good news is, I finally finished paying my dad for last months car payment. Christmas really pulled one over on me. This year I'll be more prepared for it. PS. Thank you for everyone who has been reading these. It really makes me feel more accountable for something. I hope you are all doing well.
PPS. My 500th sale is coming up! Any ideas on how I should celebrate? Giveaways, ect...?


ynattirb said...

Is this your's and JP's cars. So cute, and racially appropriate, hahaha. It's like you're breaking prejudice boundaries with cars!

The Social Cellar said...

Hey girl! yeah it is...Justin would be so proud! hahahah