Monday, January 10, 2011

A quick accomplishment

Its been a pretty gloomy out today. So I decided to plant my Paper whites that Brittany got me for Christmas. I had started to plant them on New Years but got sidetracked. I figured since you start them off indoors anyways and I have a movie appointment with the boy at 7pm its the perfect quick accomplishment for the day. When the start to grow I hope for them to look as beauty as the ones in this picture. I know its not a big accomplishment, but hey you gotta take baby steps right? This week I hope to accomplish getting health insurance and finally putting my car in my own name. FINALLY. Cheers and I hope everyone else is staying up with their resolutions thus far.


Sarah said...

These posts are really inspiring! Off to get something done now! Keep up the great work!

akolb14 said...

I have paperwhites to plant too!

Here's hoping both of ours look gorgeous come spring :]

Brittany said...

They're going to be amazing! I know you can grow them ;)